Get involved! eMail Our Military is an organization with a wide range of activities. There’s something for everyone no matter how old you are or how much time you have. Everyone can help continue to support our military in the easiest of ways! To get the full benefits of supporting a service member one on one, be sure to register to be an eMoM member today. Here are just a few some of the campaigns we've put together for non-members and members alike. Check back regularly, we’re always coming up with great ways to support our troops.

  1. Share an eMOM Flyer
  2. Podcast Promotion Project
  3. Website / Blog  Promotion Project
  4. Spread The Word
  5. Sign Up Your Service Member
  6. Send a Free Calling Card
  7. Postcards Across America
  8. Messages of Support
  9. Postal Proclamations
  10. Just for Kids
  11. Holiday Love - Help Send Care Packages To Our Troops

Share an eMOM Flyer

Consider putting up one of our flyers on a bulletin board at work, your apartment complex, college, church or civic organization. Have it posted in your organizations newsletter, at the VFW or pass them out at local patriotic rallies. If you're creative, design your own for us to use, send it in and you may see it here!

You can download and print copies of our flyers right here. Some are conveniently set up to print two on a sheet so you'll have twice as many. All you'll need to do is cut on the dotted line in the center to separate them then cut carefully along the tabs' dotted lines so people will be able to tear the tabs off and take our web address with them when they go!

Show Support Flyer
In The Military?
We Thank You
We Salute You


Podcast Promotion Project

Are you a Podcaster? Consider creating an eMail Our Military (eMoM) podcast for your show that you can play on holidays and year-round to help motivate people to support our service members. Let us know when you create your eMoM podcast promo and you'll see it featured here! We'll also include a link to your podcast in our newsletter. If you'd like to use one of the podcast promos below in your show, please feel free to do so and let us know when you'll be playing it so we can tune in!

Anji Bee's Podcast Promo  - Anji Bee's Podcast can be found at
Daniel Johnson Jr's Podcast Promo - Dan's Podcast can be found at Journey Inside My Mind
Steve Webb's Podcast Promo - Steve's Podcast can be found at LifeSpring Media
Holiday Season Podcast Promo
Add your podcast promo here!


Website / Blog Promotion Project

Are you a blogger? Do you have a website of your own? If so, please help show your support for eMail Our Military by adding our link, banner or button to your site to link back to us at If you'd like to blog about what we do or the projects featured here, let us know. We're always happy to provide all the information you'll need for a great blog post about supporting our guys and gals in the Armed Forces. 

You can also use this graphics as a part of your auto-signature to encourage others to support the troops through eMail Our Military. It’s easy to do and free for you! Let us know if you use them and we'll mention you and include a link to your site or blog in our newsletter.


eMailOurMilitary eMailOurMilitary eMailOurMilitary

Square Banners

eMailOurMilitary eMailOurMilitary eMailOurMilitary

Horizontal Banners

eMailOurMilitary eMailOurMilitary

Small Banners

eMailOurMilitary eMailOurMilitary eMailOurMilitary eMailOurMilitary




Spread The Word Project - Currently Suspended 12/2010

Would you to help us spread the word in your community? We have the contact card shown above available to you! These heavy, glossy cards are perfect to hand out and we certainly could use your help spreading the word! Contact Cards are $6.00 per pack of 50 cards (Postage Included) and can be ordered from us online or by mail at:

eMail Our Military
Contact Card Request
8004 NW 154 Street, Suite 344
Miami Lakes, FL 33016




Sign Up Your Service Member

If you are already supporting a service member (or a number of service members) let us know about them by signing them up to receive support from eMail Our Military as well!


Send A Free Calling Card

If you have the mailing addresses for the service members you are supporting you can have a free calling card sent to them. Visit

Operation Uplink is a unique program that keeps military personnel and hospitalized veterans in touch with their families and loved ones by providing them with a free phone card. Using contributions from supporters like you, Operation Uplink purchases phone cards and distributes them to servicemen and women who are separated from those they care about. More information about Operation Uplink can be found at


Postcards Across America - Currently Suspended 12/2010

Military service members stationed far from home love to see postcards from our beautiful 50 states. You can send your local postcards to our troops to give them snapshots across America. Write a personal message of support, leave the address area blank and mail your postcard(s) to us in a larger envelope.  We’ll ship them to our troops in bulk in our care packages. A little slice of home in every package, created by you! Send your cards to us:

eMail Our Military
Postcard Project
8004 NW 154 Street, Suite 344
Miami Lakes, FL. 33016

Messages of Support

Would you like to support the service members who have requested support though eMail Our Military? If so, it couldn't be any easier! Just click here to send your personal email message of support to our troops. In turn, your email message may be emailed to our troops and or printed. Please consider sending at least one email message a week to go out in our weekly mail packages.

Guidelines and Standards of Acceptance for Messages of Support:

To protect the interests of the military service members we support and to maintain the integrity and quality of the information presented to them, eMail Our Military has established the following code of acceptable standards for the Messages of Support campaign for our troops.

All messages of support should be general so they can be sent to either male or female troops in any branch of service as we support all branches of the Armed Forces.

eMail Our Military was created to support our men and women in uniform. Therefore, all messages of support are subject to approval by eMail Our Military. eMail Our Military reserves the right to reject any message, for any reason, with or without cause, and with or without explanation. Messages that are determined to be negative, or are suspected to be fraudulent, misleading, deceptive, discriminatory, obscene, offensive, profane, derogatory or libelous will not be accepted.

Below are listed types of messages that will not be accepted:

• Messages written in part or in entirety in any language other than English
• Political or issue-oriented messages
• Forwarded messages or chain letters
• Messages containing explicit sexual references
• Messages containing codes
• Messages containing attachments or photos
• Messages denigrating any person or group based on age, religion, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity or race
• Messages that disparage the U.S. government (in whole or in part), Dept. of Defense service members and/or our allies
• Any communication that might be considered objectionable to our troops

Postal Proclamations

Make a Postal Proclamation by creating labels on your printer to let the world know with every piece of mail you send that you are a proud member of eMail Our Military. Place them on your bills, your letters to friends and family and basically anything that you mail. Mentioning our website address will ensure people will know where to find eMail Our Military to sign up and support the troops!

Create your own or try some of our suggestions for your proclamations:

Just For Kids - Currently Suspended 12/2010

Kids have the most creative ideas and these projects are fun for family night and class or school projects.  Girls scouts, Brownies, Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts will also find these projects a treat and may even be able to earn a service badge. Don’t forget to take pictures of the kids creating these works of art. Include a copy with their artwork and we may use it on our site. Items received will be shipped to our troops in our care packages. A little slice of home in every package, created by kids with love!! All items for the projects listed below should be placed in a larger envelope or box and shipped to us directly at:

These projects are currently suspended

Kid Creations

Kids can make their own cards using construction paper or card stock in various sizes and art supplies. This makes an excellent classroom or art class project for students in elementary school. Try crayons, markers and glue or consider stamping or using scrap booking items to create fantastic, unique, home-made cards. See some examples on our Flickr page.

Letter Writing Project

Letter writing is an excellent classroom project for students of all ages. Sending correspondence is so much fun because you can write letters the old fashioned way or create your own letterhead using your computer. You can even insert photos & seasonal graphics into the body of your letters.  Keep all correspondence upbeat and positive and begin letters with "Dear Service Member" rather than specifying a branch. if you'd like a possible reply, include your return mailing address and email address below your signature. 

Tablecloth Banners

Take a vinyl table cloth and have kids write messages of support to the troops and sign their names. They can draw; add smiley faces and hearts too. Let them get creative. Adults will want to help with the banner’s title. We suggest something like “We Support You” or “We Love Our Troops”, etc.

Valentine's From The Heart

Kids can make their own Valentine's cards for our troops! Kids have the greatest and most creative ideas.  Try stamping or using scrap booking items to create fantastic unique cards home made by you. Another idea is to buy kid's packs of Valentine cards and let them fill them out. Get your children's classrooms or schools involved. This is a great class project and the student drawings and cards can be shipped to us for distribution to our troops.

Holiday Love - Project Changes 12/2010

Listen to the Holiday Love Promo click the player to begin

Since 2001 eMail Our Military has sent holiday cards to our troops for Christmas and Hanukah.  eMOM's 2010 project will be dramatically different. This year we'd like to encourage you to support our troops by sending care packages to your service member(s) and ours by purchasing care packages through our partner. Doing so ensure that all the services members who have registered for support this holiday season will get something special from home this Christmas and Hanukkah.

Help Send Holiday Care Packages for our Troops

eMail Our Military has partnered with a wonderful company in Texas to help us send ready-made care packages to our troops. Beyond Bookmarks and eMail Our Military want to make everyday a holiday for our troops with with their amazing care packages. Whether you have a service member in mind or want to your their Unknown Soldier Service you can be sure that your package will be sent with care. Every care package you purchase using the eMail Our Military drop down affiliate selection will not only support a service member but will support the eMail Our Military organization as well so we can continue to support our troops.

Military Care Packages and Gifts

How it works:

Click the banner above and just order the package you want to send and we'll take care of the rest. Here's how:

1) Add the Patriot Pack you'd like to send to your shopping cart and select SOLDIER SERVICE from the drop down menu.
2) Add any ADD ON ITEMS you'd like to include to your shopping cart.
3) Click CHECKOUT and add your GIFT TAG MESSAGE using the button to the right of your Patriot Pack that reads ADD GIFT TAG MESSAGE.
4) Continue checkout as normal, but enter YOUR ADDRESS as the SHIPPING ADDRESS. We will change this to the APO/FPO address of a soldier provided by eMail Our Military.
5) Choose USPS as your SHIPPING CARRIER then select Priority Mail as your SHIPPING METHOD.
6) Or ... just call us TOLL FREE at 866-746-5133. We're available and happy to take your order over the phone M-F from 9-5 MST.