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 At eMail Our Military we have a wide range of activities for you to support our troops. There’s something for everyone no matter how old you are or how much time you have. Now everyone can help us continue to support our military easily. Take a look at some of the campaigns we've put together and check back regularly. We’re always coming up with great ways to support our troops.

  1. Share an eMOM Flyer
  2. Podcast Promotion Project
  3. Website / Blog  Promotion Project
  4. Spread The Word
  5. Sign Up Your Service Member
  6. Soup For The Troops
  7. Send a Free Calling Card
  8. Postcards Across America
  9. Cool Our Troops
  10. Messages of Support
  11. Postal Proclamations
  12. Just for Kids
  13. Holiday Love - Christmas for our Troops
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